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A smarter step for a faster BIG DATA

Big Data is the buzzword used to describe our calibre to make sense of the plethora of data that is being collected through day to day activities on social media or the smart devices attached to us.

If you deconstruct any system, its components would be Input device, Data storing and processing device and Output device. In the case of a Big Data system, the Input devices would consist of all our smart devices that send our data with or without permission, all our day to day activities on the internet like purchase, browsing, social media, biometric devices, our health reports, our education details and our professional data.

Other end of this system is output which has endless possibilities for any firm: from understanding of customer, tracking and analyzing ways for efficient supply chain, in healthcare to battle diseases, in education to analyse and improve the performance of an individual, in defence to prevent crimes or cyber attack and what not.

Now for the middle component of data storing and processing device, we have open source software namely Apache Hadoop which helps in where to store, how to store  and process data in the clusters using simple programmes and it is left up to data scientists and analysts to work on it.

If your organization can plan how many types of people will require what kind of data and the access limits, but with the growing servers and data can you really afford to have a number of people to look after the data administration and safety aspects of data?

If your answer is No, all you need to have is a Hadoop administrator (who should be present to create any partitions or cluster in the system) and BlueData’s EPIC or Bright Cluster Manager or Diyotta Modern Data Integration Suite in their system.

What do these software products do? They act like a fast access providing wire between the input and data processing devices by smartly arranging the data in the proper clusters for any type of customer subject to his/her limits to access data without affecting any other user who is also accessing the same data.

When you have the option of using these software products to make use of Big Data, it’s probably worth a try. Let’s take a smarter step for a faster Big Data.