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3 AI Tools For A More Productive Workday

Get ahead at work thanks to artificial intelligence

Some days you’re on top of your game and other days being productive can be a real chore.

Productivity killers are everywhere: our phones, the internet, even our coworkers can seriously hamper the amount of work we get done in a single day; however, the latest in AI technology can actually enable us to do our jobs better and cope with information overload.

From artificially intelligent assistants who can do the low-level, mundane tasks you probably dread doing in order for you to concentrate on more important projects to enhancing customer care, AI is proving to be a necessity for organizations. However, don’t think that this is automatically setting fear in people about job losses. In fact, a Pew research study found that most people have come to terms with the fact that many jobs will probably be automated by 2065.

This sentiment is why artificially intelligent machines in the workforce are gaining so much traction. With more time to focus on other things within your company because AI is taking care of the smaller tasks an organization can run much more smoothly.

Here are just a few of the recent artificially intelligent innovations that are proving just how useful using AI can be for a company. halimbawa ng thesis sa filipino tungkol sa facebook viagra golden glades essay writing general topics viagra by mail xkcd viagra click herbal viagra side effects in urdu here infrastructure solution architect resume sample get viagra online guarantee cheap research papers watch how to write a judgment essay example of a thesis driven essay scholarship editing site usa viagra necessita di prescrizione medica how to set up an email account on my iphone 6s go site economic times yesterday paper school homework help websites thesis writing music event in my life essay cialis start viagra new castle speech on water conservation essays abstract thesis slideshare essay zone linking words Knowmail


This AI inbox assistant helps users manage their email by eliminating manual work and allowing users to have time to get more done. Knowmail installs in Outlook, studies how you email, your habits, and preferences in order to deliver and sort your email to match your needs. Knowmail sorts your email by priority – urgent, important, and other.

Beyond this, as it learns your email habits, it can recommend the proper folder a message should be moved to, defer an email to a more appropriate time (out of sight; out of mind), mute yourself out of a conversation and more. Moreover, the entire conversation view grants you a better interface for a correspondence, as threads are displayed as an entire conversation and you can reply inline to any specific one; getting the big picture quickly, saving time going from one email to another and giving you more control.

Knowmail is also available as a bot or integration into Virtual Personal Assistants (VPA).



Sick of scheduling meetings? Then you should meet Amy. Amy is an AI personal assistant that schedules meetings for you via your email. You start by creating an email, adding the people you want in your meeting and copying Amy as well and then send it. Once it is sent Amy will take you out of the email chain and takes care of the back and forth of picking dates and times.

Not only does this save you time from checking and responding to your emails but it allows you more time to concentrate on other areas of your business while still setting up necessary meetings.



This AI interface allows users to “chat” with AI in order to ask questions like, “Do I have any PTO left?,” and carry out solutions like, “Submit my vacation hours to HR.” It’s optimized for various devices and can be used via a keyboard, touchpad, or microphone. The key to Alme is its ability to learn preferences. For example, if you ordered a an item online and tell Alme that you need something similar it’ll ask you if you would like to reorder the original item and do it for you. This makes it much easier for businesses that continually order supplies and equipment.

Alme also comes in handy when working with customers. Instead of having to sift through a bunch of information customer service representatives can simply chat with an AI virtual assistant in order to ask questions like, “Can you pull up XYZ’s bill?” and provide the answers their customers are seeking.

One thing is for certain, many people can agree that artificial intelligence has the ability to streamline business processes and make for a more productive workday. And with the big guns focusing further and further on making your Digital Assistant ever more personalized, such as Cortana skills kit as one example of many, soon we will all have an assistant helping us become and stay more productive than ever.