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Potential Of AI For Sales Acceleration

In 2017, AI will greatly increase success rates by taking the guesswork out of prospecting, identifying exact buyer personas and delivering specific prescriptive recommendations for closing more, high-quality deals.

Personalization is key in the sales cycle, and new tech like AI and conversational presenting – the ability to present ideas in a more natural way that follows the organic flow of conversation – complement each other to improve the sales process.

AI has great potential for sales acceleration, but in the first half of 2017 it will probably only highlight how many organizations have bad data and unclear processes.

Sales representatives using valuable time to chase too many prospects is inefficient. Smart reps use AI tools to narrow down their list and call the important prospects first.

AI and chatbots are the next big thing for sales acceleration. AI-driven messaging bot platforms support meaningful conversations between your organization and a prospective customer.

The further along the buyer’s journey, the less useful AI will be. A company that tries to save time and accelerate sales by relying on AI at the point of conversion, may be hurting their ROI more than they’re helping it.

With a reliable data foundation in place, AI will enable sales to make the right offer to the right customer at the right time, making every rep the best rep.

Predictive algorithms are getting AI smart. Soon, AI is going to be responsible for delivering leads who are right on the verge of purchasing to the sales team at exactly the right time for making contact.

AI will change the face of sales in the next quarters. We’re already seeing them online, as Chatbots. They can be used to clarify and qualify the sales prospect at some of the earlier stages of the sales process.

I believe that the point where a human will get involved in the process will be a lot further along. I see AI doing most of the casual back and forth, and then a team member will step in to just do the demo / closing pitch.

Artificial Intelligence will emerge as a way to propel sales, reduce churn and dramatically improve customer service through behavior-based micro-segmentation, rather than traditional demographic segmentation.”

Sales professionals are inundated with Data. AI will help reduce research time, automatically qualify, and source new prospects that are the best fit for your business, and offer insight to the right content for outreach programs.