Artificial Intelligence will effectively capture the sentiment, ideas, and collective intelligence of employees, serving a critical need for HR to tap into the creativity, passions, and imagination of employees.

HR departments will continue to test new AI platforms to help enhance the employee experience. We are already seeing AI being used for compensation analysis, employee engagement, and talent management.

Chatbots are the solution both for SaaS and also in-house businesses. They offer frictionless, accessible and meaningful engagements for communicating with people, especially in an HR scenario.

Incorporating AI into the hiring process significantly streamlines the amount of time it takes to screen applicants. By setting various parameters relating to a position, AI is able to sort out applicants and provide the best possible matches for available positions.

I see two big trends on the horizon: AI-based emotion detection through facial recognition and voice analysis, as well as increasing use of social media analytics to detect employee sentiment.