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Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

NLU will replace traditional “sentiment analysis” for businesses struggling against the tide of free-form text. Whether researching competitors, or processing consumer feedback, NLU advances will power the best businesses.

NLU tech will change the way users access and interrogate data. Allowing users to analyse and report on data quickly and easily, producing more informed decisions at the right time.

The change in NLU is not necessarily in the tech but in the widespread adoption of the tech by general users as it is interwoven into more products and platforms.

One exciting change: advances in Natural Language Understanding will free us all from many tedious tasks, like filling out forms online. Look for often-obnoxious, error-prone tasks to become breezy conversations.

The biggest change in NLU that the general public will see is that applications start to become “smarter”. There will be an improvement in the UI and UX, which will start to look more like Google Now (say “ok google” on your phone) and Siri.