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Automated Virtual Personal Assistants

Discussions surrounding chatbots and AI should be separate, as chatbots today simply offer another user experience, comparable to interactions though graphical user interfaces. We’re still a ways away from truly intelligent AI.

AI personal assistants are the future and the future is here now. For years, human personal assistants have helped to ease the administrative strain. But in a fast-paced and complex world, are they really enough?

Combining AI and Virtual personal assistants will enhance work productivity, allowing VPAs to complete tedious, mundane, and automated tasks, so we can focus on more important, innovative, and creative ones.

Within the next two years tools like Amazon Echo and Google Now will get even more powerful due to machine learning and the acquisition of smaller startups and their integration into already existing ecosystems.

Siri paved the way for modern speech-based assistants, but hasn’t gotten significantly smarter over the past few years. The lack of an open API means you can’t open a song in Spotify, or post a message in Slack.

Mobile healthcare today reminds me of the days of the iPhone 2.0. It was already out there, but many people still used Nokias. Eventually, smartphones caught on – big time.