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Big Data Hegemony over Security

The world of technology changes at an ever increasing rate and so does the predicament for organizations to protect their information and network. One of the critical assets can be metamorphosed into a serious threat if not being acted upon proactively.

Insider risk, a term defined as a threat to organization’s critical assets, say, sensitive information, security practices, information technology systems, possessed by the trusted individuals including employees, business associates, part-timers, contractors. Vanilla security measures of monitoring and logging of the employee activities lack intelligence in terms of predicting the output of the activities followed. Enterprises are spending resources to defend the parameter rather than the data itself.

Developing plans to protect the sensitive information and data while complying with state and federal regulations can be a real challenge for any corporation. Requirement in the industry is to have an integrated solution over the security architecture which can provide unprecedented capabilities to support better monitoring and reporting by ingesting communications, digital activity, physical access and others into one platform. Something that can apply advanced mathematics to model a holistic view of an individual to proactively identify the risky behaviour before it becomes a compliance issue. Need is also to let the enterprise devise a hypotheses and ask questions specific to their business and help in identifying the behaviours that could represent even greater risk.

Redowl’s Reveal provides an organization the critical visibility to all its users and their network in order to detect and prevent a malicious insider as well as the illegitimate outsider who disguises himself as a trusted source to gain the sensitive information. It is a powerful analytics engine which deploys four layers of statistics and machine learning to detect anomalies and tendencies in an individual or a network.

Dealing with insider threats is one of the most difficult task for the security practitioners as it is hard to identify the motives of an employee for the espionage activity. Being informed and knowing when it is required to call a security expert is a critical step in security surveillance. Thus, acquiring your security and legal personnel with the modern arm prepares an organization against the risks involved and in turn helps in the mitigating them.