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Realizing The Potential Of Big Data

Data-driven applications armed with relevant insights & intelligent recommendations will lead the charge in the continued focus on how companies can gain business value from big data.

We predict a growing adoption of open source Big Data technologies, integrated and managed for high-performance, reliability and scale — everything from the data store, to search, to analytics.

The current state of Big Data is still very fragmented and many of the data systems can only solve parts of the puzzle. This causes confusion and wasted budget and resources for many companies looking to crack the code.

Up till recently, big data was batch processing. Now big data is moving to streaming processing to observe and react in real time. The complexity increases dramatically, requiring a whole new set of engineering skills.

Currently ‘big data’ is in the later stages of adoption. Most companies have accepted it as a necessity, but are often struggling in the implementation. I think the next phase is going to be figuring out faster ways to implement.

In today’s era of digital disruption, big data is the real force behind Business Intelligence, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Together they are driving change and creating new competitive advantages across businesses and industries.

Having access to data science and tech experts is critical to uncover a business’s needs. A successful outcome relies on strong collaboration between teams to ensure that work is prioritised and designed based on the holistic need.

The current state of Big Data: We can analyze terabytes of data, distributing the computation across hundreds of machines. The next step is to develop more novel statistical methods, and leverage specialized hardware for these algorithms.