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The Story Of Blockchain Has Just Begun

Blockchain will enhance risk management at a macro level and reduce the risk of fraud. It will also enable greater transparency when it comes to complex transactions.

Blockchain will be able to gain more traction in the next few years, allowing organisations to transact with a digital approval of assets and reducing overall risk of theft, fraud and a data breach.

Expect the discipline of Financial Risk to evolve as Smart Contract Platforms begin to be adopted at the enterprise level.

Privacy aka zero knowledge proofs will take blockchain utility to a new level, and bitcoin’s block will continue to evolve and dominate.

We’ll begin to see increased legitimacy in the eyes of serious tech investors. Accordingly, 2017 will again see record investment in companies that use Bitcoin or other blockchain technologies at their core.

Organizations will move beyond cryptocurrencies, ledgers, and smart contracts, to true market to address the issue of fairness in transactions.

Private Blockchains (esp. financial services) will see increased speed of transactions but without compromising the underlying security. Consensus is required for security, but speed is needed for payments and trading – it’s a delicate balance.

I believe small companies will start to use blockchain technologies as a part of a service or product they use. Businesses are very pragmatic and start to use something in large scale only if it helps them to save money or attract new customers.

Focus will shift from the underlying protocol layer to the (d)application layer. Network effects between dapps on the same Blockchain will become noticeable. Therefore most dapp developers will focus on one Blockchain.