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Changing Face Of Customer Engagement

In today’s tech driven age, the customer is empowered and well informed unlike earlier times, and hence expects more than just mere convenience. The social media with several supportive comparable tools provides many inputs to a customer much before he finalizes his decision to buy product of a particular brand. The need has arisen to use the right metrics and big data to focus on creating more customer value which would proactively address their current and future needs. Whenever businesses are introducing a product in the market, they of course need to make sure that the product life cycle is sustainable. At the same time they should also be aware of the present needs of the customer so that they can address demand and anticipation before the product is introduced.

As a customer, we have endless choices among various product categories. Starting from discussion forums, social media circles, we have many opinions about the customer experiences of using the product, in the public domain. So in terms of usability and product knowledge, the customer is quite well-informed. More and more businesses are using social media as part of their customer service programs in order to adapt to the changing trends and expectations. From a business point of view, it is important that they learn to differentiate their product in terms of its product features, cost, or an end value to ensure effective growth. Very soon, we will find customer experience being the key differentiator, rated even above price and product features.

Customer service will increasingly become more tech savvy on how to deal with issues before they even occur, and in a way might even preemptively handle them. The business has to explore the collaborative side of running its operations, where it constantly interacts with its customers in trying to understand their needs. This collaboration prioritizes the customer who in turn values this relationship, as businesses are trying to  address the current and future challenges coming in the customer’s way.

Companies like Personali provide personalized incentive solutions which help enterprises build emotional bonds with their customers. Many online e-commerce platforms are integrated with their solution. This tight integration allows online retailers to offer or adjust prices and discounts in real-time depending on the chances of closing a sale with a customer. Companies like Dynamic Yield are also offering unified customer engagement platforms that are personalizing customer experiences in real time. It is transforming the entire customer journey, by engagement and driving revenue. 

The motive is simple – to capture events across various web platforms, and provide uniquely analyzed and optimized information to users, all in real-time. In fact, major retail giants like Amazon are providing their buyers an option to bargain for their present price, instead of paying the direct price. Revenue increases as the customers are happy to connect as they feel the company is offering the best price. Most firms are working to ensure that they simplify their customer’s journey, and the customers are at ease while trying to get in touch with them. In this scenario, customer engagement goes even beyond business hours. This emotional connection with the customers will enhance the brand image of the enterprise. This, in turn, would aid enterprises to define their customer service strategies as a key metric of their businesses.

Happy and satisfied customers are bound to increase sales and improve margins, not only through cross-selling, but also through references. In the near future, we will see more companies focus on understanding the changing customer mindset, and thus making customer intelligence accessible throughout the organization. Enterprises can outwit their competition and capture more customers by using these enhanced tools. These tools are not only a wave, but a harbinger of the future face of customer engagement.


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  1. Customers are the basic force for any product. Attracting customers to use our product and maintaining the existing customers is a very difficult task nowadays as competition is getting higher in every industry. Keeping this in mind , companies are trying to adopt new things to maintain a relationship. This article is very informative. Cheers

  2. well obviously now before the launch of any product each company must need to look from every perspective as to target for its customer ……as gone are the days when he can be befooled … so buck up u people in order to trap us .. awesome article.. and yes someone has rightly said as to a product is said to be successful only if its utility sounds to be effective…. so customer satisfaction should be on top of the list for any product to gain popularity

  3. The fuel for the successful functioning of any organisation is provided by the customers.In today’s times ,where large number of businesses are springing up in the internet world,customer care services have gained unprecedented importance.Aim is to make customer experiences memorable and devoid of any problems,which would compell them to revisit the service when in need.Tools focussing on developing a personal connection,advisory forums, after office help are definitely going to contribute to this aim.There should also be means to provide explaination about the quality of the product,knowledge about ‘the best at the least cost’.

  4. Today we have so many companies in the market selling if not identical, similar items, customer satisfaction was bound to play a pivotal role in sales of the products. With the number of these companies only bound to increase, it only going to be increasingly difficult for the customers to choose. There are so many companies offering more for less, but its the relationship with the customer that wins them over. I really liked the concept of “Dynamic Yield”, who are offering personalised customer experience and hence strengthening the bonds between the customer and the company for good.

  5. Customer satisfaction is the main objective of any organisation. I think inculcating the concept of personalised shopping via online portals is a novel idea which will surely help in increasing both the number and satisfaction of customers. Because most if the times it so happens that the customers get confused what to buy due to the large variety of available products and personalised shopping with the help of some online guide or any other means will surely come to their rescue. As technology is advancing, virtual shopping tools are also developing these will lead to a major jump in customer participation.

  6. Thank you for the article. I wonder how this will be affected by unhappy customers not expressing their unhappiness other than just going away.

  7. Wonderful insight in putting forward that Customer Experience which will be the differentiator. Technologies which help improve customer experience and be able to build an emotional bond with the customers will be at an advantage. Technologies like IoT and Machine learning increase the capability of companies to improve customer experience. The future clearly lies with companies ready to make their hands dirty by investing and implementing these technologies.

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