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- a riveting journey through Interactive Videos

Interactive videos have seen a great advancement and sophistication in technology in this century. These videos are useful in innumerable disciplines. From providing security to creative, artistic expression, interactive videos remain a very powerful tool.

Since 2010, in modern parlance, we are living in the Age of the Customer. Most of the financial rewards in this age will depend on customer experience. In this world, the role of a personalized interactive video becomes paramount. According to Cisco about 70% of all consumer traffic will be video by 2017. Marketing experts believe video will be a dominant force in marketing. A majority of the consumers prefer to choose products after seeing product videos.

The primary focus of interactive videos will be in the fields of gaming, education, marketing and advertising. Teachers can effectively engage students by using interactive videos, especially while teaching complex concepts in natural sciences, medicine or engineering. Interactive videos can be fun to use while studying history, astronomy or architecture. Games using interactive media and virtual reality can provide phenomenal user experiences.

It is however believed that marketing and advertising using interactive videos will attract a lot of investment in the coming days. Viewer controlled personalized video experience is the epitome of customer interaction. It is a very effective way to impart knowledge to a client, reduce the duration of sales cycles and significantly cut down on operational costs. Also a video can be reused with minor file changes. For example any clothing line can create the basic video and just change the files only in the interactive portion to cater for new designs and different seasons.

Any subject matter expert has a limited reach. However, if one creates an avatar and virtualizes the subject matter expert then the reach becomes limitless. The art, culture and music enthusiasts should try and see the legendary Bob Dylan’s interactive video “The Rolling Stone” which was released in 2014.

It should not be believed that only blockbuster movie houses with lots of preparation and planning and deep pockets can make interactive videos. There are lots of interactive video product companies in the market like Rapt Media, Brightcove, Brainient, ClickVID, Hustream and Interlude which offer excellent service and quick TTM capability to their customers.

Another such offering is Fuisz Media which provides interactive video solutions to its customers. Its patented technology can create personalized, interactive images for any new or existing video. Viewers can hover, tap or click on any person or product in the video. Fuiszmedia provides solutions that work on mobile devices, tablets and desktops.

Interactive media is a powerful weapon in the hands of the storyteller. The world is seeing the changes in human expression from the cave-paintings of Altamira to latest interactive music videos planned by Warner Brothers. We hope that this latest tool is used by educators, artists, business and media in a cool and elegant manner.