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Computer Vision And Artificial Intelligence

AI helps analyze what’s normal, and can detect anomalous events. This can apply to transportation and safety. For example, AI can help detect a car traveling on the wrong side of the road.

We see deep learning being used to extract, highlight and categorize content from video much more efficiently to help users quickly identify content that is relevant to their needs.

According to Marc Zuckerberg the visually impaired people will be able to “see” (thanks to AI) what is happening in a photo by getting it explained out loud.

AI is improving on recognizing objects in context, thanks to a combination of deep learning systems and stronger training data. It’s the difference between identifying a dog in a video to identifying what the dog is doing, like chasing a ball.

AI will create a better way to model 3D surfaces (Faces) through new algorithms, including the ability to disregard some models based on predefined data and machine learning experiences.

AI has already improved image/video recognition MASSIVELY in the past year. In less than two years we will have human-level computer vision on images and nearly as good for video. These next quarters will be amazing to watch.