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Construction Tech Enhancing Jobsite Safety and Efficiency

The power of smartphones is starting to change the way construction sites work, by utilising the tools in the pocket of every worker on site. This will be the launching pad for ordinary workers to interact with other site wide systems such as AR, VR, drones and GPS-based technology.

In the near future, all details that exist in BIM from mechanical, electrical setup to structural will be communicated through VR and MR.

The construction industry is quietly undergoing a revolution by adopting innovative technologies to enhance jobsite safety and efficiency. Digitally, it’s VR now, AR later.

Currently all our concrete mixers run off an iPad that controls mix designs, allowing for a mix to change instantly at the touch of a screen while pouring and allows us an ongoing digital batch record of exactly what is produced.

I can see emerging blockchain technologies changing the way construction is funded. For example, management teams and subcontractors could be selected using smart contracts on the ethereum blockchain.

For the construction industry to continue to thrive it needs to adapt cutting edge technology like virtual and mixed reality to help eliminate the challenges, like staying on budget and on schedule, that have long plagued the industry.