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Conversion Focused Web Design and Online Marketing

As a small to medium sized business, chances are your marketing budget is already quite slim, so generating enough leads and revenue through your online channels becomes a viable way to do so without breaking the bank. And this all starts with conversion focused web design and marketing. Web design focused on conversion backed by a conversion focused digital marketing strategy will help maximize your profits and help in establishing a long term stream of traffic and, in turn, customers. A lot of digital marketing companies offer services these days that promise leads, but what then? The key is turning browsers into prospects and prospects into buyers or at least, qualified leads.

Seamless Navigation & Accessibility

Simplicity is key when it comes to web design. By keeping things simple you are enhancing the overall user’s experience (UX) and minimizing friction. Doing this allows you to guide website browsers to different conversion points that have been strategically placed to maximize online conversions. Once the browser has landed at one of these conversion points, however, it is essential to provide the right information in order to strengthen your chances of them actually following through. There is no point in guiding them to a desired location on your site without having a solid call-to-action, designed to entice them to take action and engage with your business, which brings me to my next point.


For a call-to-action to be effective it should support your website’s design by prompting and enticing browsers to start a business relationship with you. Conversion focused web design acts as your foundation and platform that guides browsers to different points that are most valuable to your business, so now it’s a matter of getting them to act. A call to action in other words is a prompt, which may be in the form of a free download, email subscription, or a purchase, depending on your overall digital strategy and what it is you are trying to achieve in the digital space.

Features vs Benefits

A lot of companies today, and therefore their websites, tend to focus on their product or service features and not highlighting the key benefits and how the product or service is solving someone’s problem. The problem / solution framework is marketing at its very basic, yet most companies feel the need to explain what their product or service is instead of what it does for a potential client. The importance of thoroughly explaining the benefits is what influences people to purchase. Your target market and their needs should be at the core of your web design and online marketing efforts – which is why it is so important to keep them at the forefront during the whole web design and development process. Answering the ‘why’ instead of the ‘what’ in a simple and persuasive way is what will separate you from your competitors, in turn building your brand and increasing conversion rates.

In Closing

To get any real value from your website, your web design needs to be focused around conversion. In doing this, several factors need to be taken into consideration, with the most important one being your customer. A lot of businesses heavily rely on highlighting the features of their product or service instead of stressing the pain points of their target market, and providing a solution for them. Success really does start with strategy, so knowing your company’s unique value proposition, who your customers are and what problems they have is essential in creating a converting website that generates real leads and revenue for years to come.