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Dynamic Creative Optimization: A Marketer’s Delight

The Rise of DCO

As digital marketers, we always swing between creativity and science. While on one hand we aspire to have the most creative elements being served to the customers to drive user engagement performance, on the other hand we strive to deliver a customized experience in real time by riding on the shoulders of science and technology.

Disruption in display

Programmatic advertising has been growing at an impressive pace. According to emarketer US figures, 59% of the total display ad spending in 2015 was through Programmatic route. Fast forward to 2017 and it is expected to rise to 72%.

With the rise of Dynamic Creative Optimization, I strongly believe, we now have one of the sharpest weapon in a digital marketer’s armor today. It enables us to deliver an optimized advertisement that is curated on the go based on the customer profiling. Yes, from product specification to price point, creative to deal and geolocation to timeline, all of it comes together and an advertisement is curated on the fly. This results in a more personalized and relevant experience resulting in higher performance. Not only is it time saving but also cost effective.

Taking re-targeting to the next level

Take the case of re-targeting, customers higher in the marketing funnel can be treated completely differently as compared to ones lower in the funnel. The process is simple and quick – user lands on the website, ad exchange directs a bid request to DSP, DSP works in sync with Data Management Platform to evaluate the bid it would place for the profile of the user basis audience segmentation, a bid is returned based on worth and significance of that user impression.

Eventually, ad exchange determines the winning bid to place an ad on the publisher web property, the DSP makes an ad call for DCO ad to the DCO server. An ad is curated on the fly basis the audience segment – a customized product description with deal details, price point and personalized creative is served. It all takes place in fraction of a millisecond.

Raising the game

Industries such as retail and travel have adopted it to good effect. By being early adopters of Dynamic Creative Optimization, they are raising the game by trying several different versions of the original ad across different formats and sizes for desktop, mobile and tablets. This results in several thousand versions of the original ad being curated, tested and eventually a highly optimized ad is served to each granular target audience segment. What’s more the advertisement also gets optimized based on the defined guidelines, audience segments and user response. To sum it up, you end up doing more of what is working for you.