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New Data Platforms For Intelligent Marketing

Marketing Data Platforms struggle with collecting and in-depth analysis of relevant customer data from multiple channels to optimize customers’ journeys. Advancement in AI, semantic and sentiment, should remove this bottleneck.

In the future, marketers will be able to access more targeted leads than the current approach of PPC, thanks to middleman matching platforms springing up across so many industries.

Connected experiences require deep customer understanding. Modern data management techniques can blend internal, external, and third-party data for consistent customer information across channels.

The biggest challenge marketers face is to how to effectively sort and integrate data to derive genuine user journeys by filtering out noise introduced due to viewability, private info protection and multiple devices limitations to name a few.

Video will be a big thing in the next few years and companies that can leverage video data in automated ways will emerge as big players in the near future.

Artificial intelligence increases efficiency at the palm of our hands. Consumers are bombarded with noise and information overload. AI streamlines the accessibility of data analytics in real time.

More data sources equals more problems — making sense of marketing data is difficult when siloed. Platforms that centralize this data and put an end to siloes will define intelligent marketing.

Marketers are frustrated that current martech operates in silos, resulting in fragmented campaigns. Going forward, marketers will demand platforms that unify all channels, making it easier to leverage data to execute seamless campaigns.

The challenge has always been attribution. With improved and centralized data collection, marketing platforms can offer attribution models for their top of funnel marketing activities.

As we think about the current and future state of marketing data platforms, the one constant that will be as important going forward as it is now, is customer analytics.

I expect to see the emergence of cross-channel tools that will make it easier for marketers to leverage their data, planning, allocating, optimizing and analyzing performance of their targeted buys across multiple screens and formats.