Access to increased big data sources by sellers will enable more precise Consumer Intent predictions. Sellers that have those capabilities will continue to improve their competitive advantage.

Personal assistants like Amazon Echo can link voice search to product search. This will drastically change how consumers search for products and services, and instead of giving consumers list of results to choose from, voice search will eventually choose for them.

Consumer intent will be verified by emojis and emoticons. With Facebook putting new options instead of the traditional “like”, using emojis will provide a more accurate intent tracking.

Layering location and time of day on top of intent will open new worlds to technology. Combined, these are powerful sources about a customer’s mind set, task and role.

Bringing together disparate data sources to form a complete view of your customer will be key for leveraging machine learning and predicting consumer behavior. Every piece of data matters.

Sophisticated tracking, programmatic technology and advanced data solutions will help marketers to better target high intent customers at different touch points of the buying journey, delivering a truly personalised experience.

Object identification is now a commodity thanks to deep learning technology. The next revolution in image analysis will leverage multiple data inputs (images + surrounding meta data) to train AI models to identify the human elements behind visuals.