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Discover How Enterprise Mobile Technology Is Changing

Enterprise mobile security is going to move from the top device and application layer to the bottom layer – data. Every data bit will be controllable by the enterprise.

Mobile devices will pose increased cyber risk to enterprises and as a result we will observe an increased focus on mobile security.

The obvious shift is in Industrial Automation. “Today” exist a few applications to supervise factories, but “tomorrow” comes standard for managers to control processes completely from their smart devices.

Shift from brochureware type apps to tools that empower users and provide monetary benefit back to the enterprise.

Mobile search. For enterprises, it’s no longer about returning results. Instead, people need answers. And returning those answers in a smart, customized fashion builds confidence and loyalty in your company.

Many organizations will continue deploying Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions to manage and control the full lifecycle of tablets and phones from sourcing to retirement.

Chatbots will become more of a priority for mobile enterprise tech, where application-specific bots developed to perform different enterprise functions will interface with consumer-facing virtual assistants such as Cortana/ Siri.

Enterprises will learn to deal with SaaS terms and contracts, as well as security management for a mobile fleet. It’s a hard change, but it’s required for them to survive.

Enterprise productivity and BI tracking tools to now be mobile and app centric. You see for instance tools like Google Analytics and Qlik already offering apps to help decision makers track while on the run. More will come.

The biggest shift or change we’ll see in Mobile Tech is the efficiency and speed of new advances of technology. Businesses of tomorrow will be the ones who embrace change and innovation today.

As enterprise perimeters expand, so will security vulnerabilities. Information that previously resided in internal hardware will be strewn across various devices and levels like mobile, social media, on-premises and public clouds.

A momentous shift in business dynamics to a sharing economy will happen in the future, supported by mobile technology across all sectors.

The change we see happening is enterprises moving towards in-house development using mobile platforms, and less outsourced professional services; to improve the scalability and sustainability of their mobile strategy.

Security will remain front and centre within enterprise, BYOD policies will become over restrictive if there not already. There needs to be a happy medium between users and the enterprise.

From the mobile to the cloud, businesses need to make it easy to create, edit, share, sign and collaborate with documents – on or offline.

In the near future, I see enterprise level companies diving into creating mobile apps for the main content. There are benefits for organic search as well as providing a more streamlined experience for existing customers.