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Drone Ecosystem – Beginning Of What’s Possible

Drone hardware for capturing data is commoditized. Value is in software that can contextualize the data capture, storage, processing, and insights based on the use case. Advanced issues such as obstacle avoidance and operating drone out-of-line of sight are still unsolved problems.

Drones will be the next big thing in inspection. Camera technology is still booming while drone flight-time keeps increasing – a perfect combo for drones becoming the most economic way to inspect.

Drones are currently employed as individual agents in surveillance, forest fire detection, rail safety, etc. However, their future lies in multi-drone coordinated autonomous operations for more effective and diverse applications.

We’re just seeing the beginning of what’s possible with drones. In the near future, I expect drones to be present in almost every industry, operating autonomously on schedules to produce highly accurate data in real time.