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Drone Technology – From Data Collection To Delivery

Drone tech has evolved from GPS to a complex, self-navigated system of sensored photography, cloud-based data collection, and wind-resistant AI hardware. It will transform insurance claims after hurricanes, maintain pipelines, and detect military threats faster.

Drones have proven their value in myriad applications, but regulations still hold them back. Once long distance flights are allowed, prices will drop and capabilities will increase overnight.

The industry is in it’s nascent phase, with businesses just beginning to realize the applications of this technology across many fields.

Software and sensors continue to dominate the space. China continues to dominate the hardware. Enterprise market is picking up speed. BVLOS will change everything.

Drone technology’s future is automation. Once regulations are loosened, people will have drones automatically flying pre-programmed routes at regular intervals to collect aerial data and monitor sites.

The commercial drone sector is forecast for very high growth in the next 5 years. There’s countless opportunities and applications and we’re seeing major enterprises starting to really incorporate drones into their operations.

Enterprise customers and the general public have the ability to collect data from drones remotely. Drones can be ordered and remotely controlled via live stream and VoIP communication with the pilot in real time during flight.