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Drone Defence System

Drone defense tech will include perimeter patrols, audio-visual aerial imaging, intruder detection with infrared and thermal sensors, and human security escorts. Huge for Homeland Security, Presidential travel and nuclear facilities.

The trend is towards smaller, specialist military drones. Reconnaissance drones that map terrain/ scout enemy movements, maintenance drones that inspect equipment, and drones that detect chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear hazards.

The regulatory hurdles are hindering the use of Drone technology. For example, interfering with or damaging an aircraft (a drone) is a federal crime. Additionally, drone jammers can only be sold and used by the federal government.

Drone catcher and jammer guns are being used for countermeasures as well as commercial drones coming equipped with high-resolution cameras for surveillance and safety. The weaponization industry is still being left in the hands of the military.