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Edge Computing – Micro Datacenters

Process data where they were produced and will be consumed: fog computing will bring ultra-responsive immersive interactions, reducing long-distance network usage, and may even improve user’s privacy.

Currently, edge computing promises to play an essential role in the network of the future as it evolves to accommodate IoT needs. In future, edge computing will be used in smart cars and along with many other devices.

You can’t defeat the speed of light. Next gen experiences will require us to completely re-think the current internet. Data proximity and data velocity will be embedded in the urban core.

While edge compute is still in its infancy, new experiences are driving demand for distributed infrastructure, especially as software continues its relentless pursuit down the stack.

We’re on the cusp of an explosion of real-world MEC solutions, as IoT applications drive deployment of small cell sites, which can, and will, include, edge computing power. Even WiFi access points can be upscaled to support MEC.