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Emerging Trends In Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The larger ERP systems are developing smaller versions of their core products and the smaller, stand alone products are partnering across platforms and incorporating APIs to provide cross functionality between products.

The most likely changes are those already in the works, including more cloud offerings, more functionality available on mobile devices and a continued move away from best-of-breed to integrated applications.

ERP solutions are headed towards the cloud. As fast growing SMB/mid-market organizations keep up with the needs of consumers, ERP solutions that easily scale and provide real-time data are a must have.

Due to affordability, SMEs are adopting ERP technology to improve efficiencies and operations. Cloud ERP is driving SMEs to adopt omni-channel fulfilment strategies linking inventory in the warehouse to in-store POS, web and even mobile.

Given current trends in the workplace, we are anticipating more and more enterprises going with ERP solutions that provide mobile applications and cloud-based software that allows employees to use the tools while away from the office.