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Enterprise Business with Smart Glasses and Watches

Google Glass which was released in 2013 wanted to bring about a revolution in the wearables industry. With its optical head mounted display, it aimed at being a common- use, hands-free computer with internet access which also responded to voice commands. However, in 2015 the Google Glass prototype was withdrawn from the market. Google is however committed to the wearables industry, we have to wait and see developments on this front.

The wearables industry has seen a tremendous amount of change and sophistication in the last 35 years. The first bulky wearables were designed in the 1980’s by Steve Mann who is also known as the “father of wearable computing.” We have come a long way since those days and exciting new developments are taking place in the wearable’s industry. Innovega’s iOptiks plans to implant an Augmented Reality system into contact lenses. Scope technologies has partnered with Epson to bring out an augmented reality training system. Products from Spark enable the user to look into the minute details of any object from multiple perspectives. There are some other players in the market who have tried to bring out niche products for the enterprise wearables industry.

Recently, a smart enterprise-level wearable solution for business was showcased by APX-Labs, Sony Electronics and SAP Startup Focus. APX-Labs provided the extensible software, high-quality UX and context awareness. Sony provided the smart glass hardware. ERP was provided by SAP Startup Focus from Work Manager and Hana. Recent developments in the wearable industry promise a lot of possibilities for the future of wearable computing. One can safely say that the future of wearables, whether glass or watches in the following industries all over the world is very bright.

  • Transportation
  • Medicine
  • Logistics
  • Security
  • Field Service
  • Military
  • Manufacturing
  • Nuclear
  • Health-Care
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Robotics
  • Agriculture

Lots of companies today offer enterprise wearable solutions for the industry. One such product is Skylight which is offered by APX-Labs. Skylight provides “Workstreams”, a work management system that gives each user exact instructions and content in order to enable them to do their job properly. Experienced workers can scan their job and do it fast. Novice workers can drill down to see what needs to be done so that mistakes are never made, even in the first run. Skylight is available on smart-watches too. One can also work with voice navigation search and commands.

APX has a partnership with Sony and is also one of the first five technology partners of Google. However, it has competition from Pristine, Augmedix, Wearable Intelligence and Augmate. Microsoft Hololens with its disruptive innovation can also play a major role in the market. All these players will vie for the multibillion dollar wearable market in the coming years. Who will manage to get what chunk of the market will depend uponinnovation, costs, price and thought leadership.