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Facial Recognition Tech Powered By AI

Right now AI powered facial recognition can predict someone’s sexual orientation with up to 91% accuracy. Very soon the same algorithms will be able to predict somebody’s political views, mental health, stress levels and even overall health with the same degree of accuracy.

Facial recognition systems, computer applications that automatically identify or verify a person from a digital image or a frame from a video source, will be a $1.2 billion marketplace by 2020.

Companies will soon be able to monitor eye movement, expressions, gestures and body posture, in order to predict the future actions of customers, voters, job candidates — nearly anyone who is communicating via video.

The introduction of Generative Adversarial networks has drastically expanded what can be done from videos and images. A GAN can learn from 50,000+ images and identify a person, it doesn’t matter whether they are wearing a hat, sunglasses or even a wig.

Facial recognition technology can be used to influence what people buy. For example, fashion industry can configure the advertising display boards to recognize the gender of the person and display related offers separately for men and women.