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Food And Beverage Technology Trends

Mobile apps have changed the world, but not the food & beverage industry. It’s time for these businesses to embrace the power of mobile technology to increase efficiency – and profitability.

Food & Beverage technology exists in the midst of a widening gap between innovation and the practical nature of the current industry. Disruption will occur when innovation is seamlessly integrated with F&B systems and processes.

Some of the ways technology is integrating with food & beverage for a better overall experience include
setting schedules, algorithms for variety, and understanding food consumption habits.

Technology has allowed for better management and organization for restaurant owners and operators in inventory tracking and management, staff planning and management, and day-to-day floor tasks like processing bills, etc.

I see a return to how technology can enhance the offline experience, and the relationship between the diner and restaurant – rather than aiming to recreate the food and beverage experience digitally.

Tons of food goes to waste everyday a huge problem many CPG manufacturers and food distributors face today. New ideas are needed and technology can be the solution to many of such problems.

The industrial IoT will enable food and beverage companies to better plan around unpredictable fluctuations in supply and demand through real-time data analysis and predictive maintenance leveraging continuously growing connectivity.