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Forensic Art through Analytics

A breach has occurred. A lawsuit is filed. An enterprise is in turmoil. Escalations. The expectation is to control things before they go out of hand. Analysts and lawyers conduct painstaking investigation of data in the hope of finding the compromised account and manipulative trade.

The question still remains unanswered. How, in this techno freak world where every new day brings a whole new world of technology along with their cheat codes, can an organisation prevent data breaches. The wealth of information stored in databases include customer’s personal data, financial entities, merger and acquisitions whereabouts, etc and its value in the market makes it a primary target resulting in a data breach.

Though it is hard to implicate anyone involved but it will leave its footprint for forensics and analysts to work for the answers. RedOwl, a security analytics firm, specialises in providing a combat solution to prevent data breach through its forensic interface which combines smart analysis with intelligent thinking and allows forensic teams with multiple lenses to look into the breach. It enables the organisation to do any kind of rapid data search and frames up data through logical filters allowing compliance and case teams to see everything in context.

Their product, Reveal, is a powerful analytics engine which is rapidly becoming the go-to-analytics platform for cyber security and multi-modal forensics. The multi–dimensional data fusion that drives RedOwl’s inference engine also provides formidable forensic power.

It surrounds the event with related and weighted data – providing a comprehensive view of the relationships, communications and behaviours that inform it and fuel intelligent inferences to guide investigations. It helps in giving the enterprises an overview of the events, trends through its intuitive UX.

Analytics has gone way beyond the system it was earlier designed for. The marketplace is open to anything which provides before-happen event analytics and extends it to forensic research to evade data breaches and contributes to stakeholder confidence.