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Gaming Tech: Virtual Reality On The Rise

Christmas 2016 will be known as the Virtual Reality Christmas, due to significant investment into immersive VR technology by major companies and innovative startups, coupled with broader end user awareness/ accessibility.

The perfecting of natural, intuitive, and reliable 3D HCI. Consumers need to be able to interact freely with AR/VR without disruptive, unwarranted distractions of peripheral devices such as hand controllers.

Mobile gaming and social networking will fuse with PvP, in-game chat and tournaments. Publishers will build big communities and monetize through native/rewarded video ads, optimizing both revenues and retention.

Most top VR companies will debut their premium VR devices to the public and will actively fund (give grants) to gaming and content companies to build games and applications on their respective platforms

Gaming Tech will become increasingly less dependent on wearables and more dependent on consoles that are able to react to the motion of the gamer.

The future of Gaming Tech is in Virtual reality glasses and medical (or otherwise legal) marijuana. And the future of Virtual Reality glasses is in action/adventure stories, horror stories and porn.