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Get the idea ball rolling!

In today’s ever-changing world, speed to market is the key. A faster speed to market can be enabled by expediting the stages involved from conceptualization to product/service creation. Some companies are able to get ahead and some lag in this area. And in my research I’ve found that pace of communication is directly proportional to speed to market in most of the cases. The teams that were able to push defect free product/services out of the door faster were communicating more often.

In my experience, I have found that communication is at best when the teams are co-located because they get lot of opportunity to interact with each other and communicate in person. In person communication expedites the process of decoding the message, seek clarifications and gain common understanding. But most of us do not have the luxury of maintaining co-located teams, hence the need for a tool to manage communications that meets the three above mentioned requirements i.e. faster message decoding, prompt clarifications and gaining common understanding.

Unified communication platforms like MS Lync, Cisco Jabber & etc. are available in the market but these platforms require a supporting infrastructure that small & medium business may not want to commit to. And it is the small and medium business who want to win the speed to market race to reap benefits of the first mover advantage.

Also, MS Lync and Cisco’s Jabber focus on internal communications, but the stages between product conceptualizations and market readiness require working with people outside of your organization as well. So, a communication platform like Fleep that is device agnostic, allows easy transition from emails to instant messenger and vice-versa can fill this unique need.

Innovation as key to survival is well understood but to keep the idea ball rolling, an appropriate communication mode is a must. And ‘just’ emails are no longer good enough as emails strip innovators of prompt clarifications to get common understanding. The communication platform like Fleep allows collaboration features like shared documents, screen share on the fly, device agnostic interactions while offering audio-video calling. These communication tools have increasingly become critical in fueling innovations. And the entrepreneurs serious about leveraging ideas of their talented teams are leveraging such communication tools.