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Getting through Deep Blue Sea

A lot of goods happen to travel the old-fashioned way, through the sea. A big reason for that is more goods can be shipped at any given point of time as compared to them being carried by an airplane, especially when you consider that C17 Globemaster is not yet available for civilian use. But, a big issue always bugs your business. What if your ship was to meet an accident or pirates were to hijack it?

The various situations that you imagined just now are the kind that have been a major pain point for every manufacturer and shipment company alike. Our internet speeds have gone up substantially but our current equipment is unable to make full use of it. We have a lot of satellites in low orbit that can be used but are not put to use as such. Hence, critical information like pirate activity or weather conditions are missed out on and sailors and your goods have to deal with them all alone.

This is the point where Spire wants to be able to help. Spire helps by enabling you to monitor your ship through a host of low-level orbiting satellites. It is said that most ships’ signals from onboard transponders become blocked by Earth’s curvature. The low-level orbiting satellites not just sync with the static transponders on your ship but also fuse it with real-time weather data and data from other providers, be it space-based or terrestrial.

But what about the time when your products are being shipped? They can be damaged by inclement weather too while the ship is safe. Spire provides the solution for this too by using the same set of satellites used to track your ship. However, it takes assistance from GPS satellites revolving around Earth to ensure all the data provided is as accurate as it can get. Through this data, you can take appropriate measures to safeguard your goods against all weather-related problems, including damage and possible losses that might occur while your goods reach their desired location. Think about the peace of mind you can have.