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Going Native

..effective advertising in digital age

One of the biggest challenges that marketers face today is effective online advertising. With traditional advertising, consumers recognize it from far away and tend to avoid it. Ads are often perceived as meant to trick and tend to be viewed skeptically. Being irrelevant most of the time, traditional advertisements are looked at as distracting and are generally considered more intrusive and less informative.

While marketers are increasingly moving to interactive personalized advertisements, which are customized and tailored to certain users and consumer groups to increase engagement and promote sharing, they do share the shortcomings of traditional advertising. What marketers really need to do is gain the attention of a consumer without annoying him or blasting him with information and for him to let you through his defenses with something inspiring.

Native advertising tries to address these problems by analyzing the surrounding content and formatting the advertisements in a way that matches the form and factor of the publisher’s website. By being positioned in-feed with the content, they blend in with the surrounding environment making them unobtrusive and present the consumer with more valuable and inspirational content without hurting user experience. Combined with personalization, this allows brands to build their value and increase customer engagement.

A major player in this area is Triplelift, which is an RTB enabled ad exchange that transforms images, logos and captions into in-feed native ads that blend in seamlessly with the look and feel of a publisher’s website. It uses Computer Vision technology and dynamic templating to create beautiful image-centric native ads that are perfectly formatted for all devices and screen sizes, making them engaging and effective.

Drippler, an app discovery player on mobile, provides a paid discovery and install advertising platform that app developers use to boost user acquisition efforts. It offers native contextual ads and the most organic experience possible. Users of the app discover new apps, games and get personalized tips. Users may first read a review of your app and click through only if they are genuinely interested, which helps build trust and results in high lifetime value users.

As native advertising continues to gain momentum, there have been criticisms that native advertisements are often designed to trick consumers as they resemble in-feed content. However, as long as the ads are clearly marked as sponsored or promoted, native advertising provides far greater benefits with the consumers enjoying entertaining content, publishers earning more revenue and brands building trust and value.