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Hybrid Cloud – Future Of Enterprise IT?

Most enterprises use hybrid cloud today, but they don’t have unified management control; they still work in silos. Successful companies will have a single, platform-agnostic multi-cloud view with AI enhancements.

Each of the clouds in market today are different. Appropriate workload placement is highly important as the differences between the clouds go deeper than most people are accounting for.

A real issue for hybrid cloud is data management – how you catalog what you have across locations, move the data to where it needs to be, and enforce policy.

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, once the domain of large enterprises and cloud service providers has recently opened up for the rest of us. With this shift, VMware’s role will continue reducing.

As enterprise customers continue to mature their adoption of cloud services, they are increasingly adopting hybrid and opensource approaches to vendor and technology selection to enable innovative business driven outcomes.

I think the primary challenges of this service are information security and deliverability. Protection of client data will always be an inherent risk of cloud based services as there is no such thing as 100 percent security.

Cloud still has low adoption. But many boards will start to see data centers as liabilities and will force their IT to move into SaaS and IaaS.