For the success of any project, it is very important to remain in-sync with all team members. Using cloud technology it is now easier to collaborate instantly, be it an idea or changes contributed by a member of team, all of it can be seen instantly by all team members. Many tools and apps are currently on offer letting people collaborate through cloud based computing capabilities. As most of these tools are available for free or at very low cost, many open source and startup projects rely on using them.

These collaboration tools usually come with file sharing and hosting capabilities, editing, commenting and chatting to collaborate on a project. We have many such collaboration tools like Dropbox, Evernote and Google.

While Google docs has put important office tools on cloud, Airtable has taken a step forward by putting a database on cloud for users.

Airtable is visually a spreadsheet but a database functionally. The User Interface is an important aspect of Airtable which looks like an spreadsheet, playing on its familiarity and ease of use. The makers of Airtable have built in the capability to handle some big issues that many techies have faced while using Excel. It supports better data types like attachments, checkboxes, multiple options, phone number, date, email addresses, URLs etc which are extremely handy in maintaining information about clients, vendors etc. Users can create multiple views of a table and can put access control on these tables.

Whats more, Airtable has it’s Android and iPhone apps which add mobility to its array of features.

Similarly, we will likely see more such collaboration tools with enhanced features and capabilities like video call soon, which will be a great add-on with increasing internet speed and improving mobile cameras. Expect better programming capabilities for developers such as the ease for programmers to execute and see results on the cloud itself. Also expect integration with IoT devices – recording and accessing data coming from multiple IoT devices and many other applications. With all these features collaboration is bound to get much quicker helping us reach our goals faster. Thoughts?