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Intelligent Box: Download Your Solution

You have picked a destination, loaded the car with as much as it will carry and begun your trip on a happy note. However, you are suddenly faced with a vehicle breakdown in an unfamiliar territory, with no service station for miles. There is nothing quite as aggravating as a car breakdown in the middle of a trip, especially after dark. Before you kick your tyres in frustration, you need to ask yourself whether you were prepared for such an emergency?

You don’t need to be an expert to know that your vehicle needs oil every six months. Your vehicle takes a pounding each time it goes for a drive. Oil remains the livelihood of the vehicle, which lubricates all moving components of a vehicle allowing you to get the best out of your car. But who will remind you of all the other vehicle diagnostics to take corrective measures. Similarly, managing a fleet of company vehicles is quite a complex profession which includes issues like handling chauffeurs, maintaining expenditures, unplanned vehicle breakdown, tracking down each trip cost which is a very cumbersome job.

Think of a product which after installed in the car lets you do all this at the click of a button.

What, if, the vehicle automatically intimates its own diagnostics report and lets you devise the plans in advance. What, if, the vehicle tracks its own trip details and designs its report.

Techies have always been involved in finding out something to make the life easier and  simpler. And here they come up with an idea of exploiting the OBD (on-board diagnostics) port of your vehicle. Strange! Isn’t it. You must be thinking if it ever exists in your car. You can think of it as a Black Box which, if opened, will open a new world of car.

Various solution providers like Automatic, Dash are open to this idea of making your car an intelligent car and exploit this black box and make driving data like fuel check, driving patterns, mileage, real-time check and other archives accessible. They allow the product to be integrated with a 3rd party app to transform the data into dashboard reports.

Think if at all, the solution integrates with another app and lets you devise the invoices of recurring trips, auto-payments or tells you where you parked your car. Or makes you feel safe in case of severe crash. Or helps you save the ever diminishing fuel. Or allows you to keep a check on your little one’s driving skills. Think in whichever way you can, you will find the technology providing you a helping hand in the hour of need. 

Kudos to the technology providing an elegant solution and allowing you to explore it through integrated application of improvising the logistics issues. It lets you to decide what you want in your car. It will do whatever you told it to do. It will become intelligent but it will not let the driver know whether to brake if another car cuts in front of you. It can’t account for drivers generally being jerks tailgating you, or the need to speed up to make a pass on the highway. It does what it says it does. It’s just limited.