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Interactive Advertising On Mobile 360 And VR

With the IAB standardizing Mobile 360 and VR formats and Facebook investing $3B in the next 10 years, these platforms are no longer novelties—they’re becoming crucial to advertisers.

Demand for virtual reality ads seems to be highest for products and services that require consumers to leave their regular real world environments – so holiday destinations, events and property viewings.

Mobile 360 and VR will be defined by Mobile AR. VR will find enterprise and entertainment uses, but mobile AR, driven by the iOS Dev Kit will be the mass adopted technology for consumers, all through the phones already in our pockets.

Samsung and Oculus are making virtual reality accessible to the masses. VR and 360 mobile application are revolutioning the way real estate in bought and sold because there is no need for on site visit anymore.

Advertising in 360/VR creates an experience, not passive consumption. The 360/VR equivalent of banner and pop-ups ads are out. 360/VR ads will likely be a gateway to content. Ads also run longer, taking as long as necessary.

I see the future of 360 and VR advertising growing into a much more interactive and immersive experience. Elements such as user-initiated and dynamic content will play an important role in enhancing the consumer journey.