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Internet of Analytics (IoA)

Real-time analytics on data from IoT devices

Real-time high-velocity data streams generated by IoT and used for IoA require advanced storage infrastructure with inbuilt security and data deduplication mechanisms. Data security and seamless management are top priority.

Master data management (MDM) and Big Data generated from IoT must be combined into a modern data management platform that solves the problem of complex integration and misalignment across new data sources, attributes and types.

Product-focused companies will increasingly transition into service-focused companies. Servitization is primarily about extracting the maximum amount of value from the data that is generated by your offerings and it requires rapid and highly-scalable approach to data analytics.

With predicted 7 billion connected devices by 2017, Internet of Things and Analytics will set new benchmarks for accelerated business growth, real-time analytics driven business decisions and organizational scalability.

The biggest sector to adopt IoA will be charities and nonprofit organizations. Third World Countries will grow better crops, have better water supplies and a more accurate, real-time system for gathering medical supplies and disaster relief.

IoA is a game changer. Real-time streaming analytics of bigger, faster, progressively complex data leading to instantaneous feedback and action, more highly connected world and personalized experiences.

Look for more examples of audience based marketing using data gleaned from BLE beacons. By the end of 2016, beacons will influence over $40 billion in retail sales. That analytics data is going to be priceless!

IoT will change every aspect of our lives. However, innovation doesn’t come without risk. Privacy issues and information security must be subject to debate across industry and in our communities.

Internet of Analytics is changing homeowners’ relationship to energy and making solar more valuable. It is all about convenience – simple, intuitive, useful; helping consumers save time and money without effort.

Information flow from IoT devices needs to be customized to gain actionable benefit from the technology. Identifying urgent information from the noise is going to enhance the value of real-time analytics.

In the next year, companies will begin deploying IoT devices for everything from security, to production supervision, to employee management. Analytics from data collected will drive enterprise modernization.

More data processing will take place on the edge, machines learn faster and become smarter, not replacing humans but enabling humans to use more of their knowledge and experience.