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IoT devices: Integrating digital life

Untapping the potential of embedded devices

We all seek and appreciate innovations which makes our lives easier and our work more effective. IoT devices are very promising and have already started showing their impact in our lives.

What are IoT devices?

IoT devices are essentially a system of sensors, cloud, connectivity, mobility and data science to provide better control and efficiency out of our existing systems, be it personal or professional.

Many of us would have this concern that we will require big investments to start using these IoT devices. But, in many cases, we don’t need implementation from scratch and it cuts the cost significantly.

Many of our daily use things such as cars, fridges, TVs, etc. are already equipped with a computer. Currently, these computers are used to show signals/information to user using some LEDs or simple displays. We already have a system of sensors and computers which we can use in a much efficient way. We don’t need to implement entire IoT setups, these devices lack ability to connect to outer world.

So, we need devices which can act as an interface between the existing system and the internet. Automatic is able to address this issue with great ease for our cars. These cars are smarter than we think and automatic puts this smartness to use.

What is Automatic?

Automatic is an adapter which

  • Connects to your car’s ODBII port usually found below the car dashboard.
  • Connects to your smartphone using a BT connection.
  • Collects information from your car and transmits it to your smartphone.
  • Smartphone app processes this information and provides you with great insights about your car.

The information that comes from Automatic adapter is used by Automatic app to provide impressive insight about the car and also drivers’ driving habits. We get to know about:

  • Engine diagnostics
  • Car location
  • Emergency crash response
  • Route map, distance, time and fuel efficiency
  • Suggestions regarding driving habits
  • Automatic web dashboard

We need more devices like Automatic which can provide a way to connect different peripherals, machines, etc. to exploit the potential of the embedded systems. Companies working in IoT space can deploy this idea to develop cost-effective devices, which will find better audience and adoption.