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Let’s map future with maps!

Geo-enabling business ecosystem for enhancing contextual intelligence

Customer engagements are becoming smarter every day, notwithstanding rapidly transforming customer expectations. Smart engines are driving customer engagements in the form of predictive solutions enhancing the quality of interactions and collection of actionable feedback. However, unless this feedback is acted upon, mere collection is of limited use or at times, of no use. Collection of data is just a starting point in organizational journey towards excellence and customer delight. With data and advanced analytics getting integrated with optimization tools, demand forecasting, integrated business planning and supplier collaboration & risk analytics at a quickening pace, onus is on the organizations to make best use of it. Interestingly, use of data does not stop at customer engagement, but can expand beyond – helping organizations to introspect and strategize future course of action.  

So, what happens to the data after it is collected? The analysis process kicks in and questions that come up are  – Which locality / cities are the customers located ?  Does the customer behavior show any defined patterns?  Which manager / store / distributor serves this territory? Is the demand – supply from the local warehouses adequate? Is this an isolated case or repeated instances? and so on. Interestingly, common denominator for all these questions is their relevance to geography or location. Why not make best use of it ? If a picture can say thousand words, then a good map is worth at least twice that.  

We are not new to maps and use them regularly in our day today lives. Why not use them for business decisions?  Why not leverage the location information and enrich the traditional ways of analyzing information loaded with actionable intelligence?  Today, location information is captured and can be transmitted “real-time” from almost every device that is connected to internet. Imagine throwing up all the information on one map and be able to review, analyze and arrive at decisions taking into consideration all the dependencies. Why not throw all this data on a map and analyze with a geographical context for taking quick and accurate decisions? Why not leverage the contextual intelligence of customer behavior, supply chain, strategies and operations towards meeting and exceeding financial objectives? 

Geographic Information System (GIS) platforms support multiple layers of information in the form of maps arming enterprises to leverage the spatial power of information in multiple ways. Traditionally these have been used for spatial analysis and decision support using static geographical information. For example, Hexagon’s Geomedia is a powerful and versatile platform that lets you aggregate spatial (geographical) data from a variety of sources and analyze them in unison to extract clear, actionable information. With Geomedia you can create data, manage databases, join business data (from other systems) & location intelligence together, process and carry out analysis in “real-time” and present / share the data cloud, mobile or desktop. Not relying on any proprietary data and adhering to open standards, GeoMedia is ideal for managing dynamically changing “real-time” data for mapping future with maps.

Helped by proliferation of real-time location intelligence by virtue of multiple beacons taking dominant place in the business ecosystem, advanced capabilities of such platforms can be leveraged for real-time integration with the dynamic geographical information, to make better and actionable sense of the information. With Geo-intelligence and Geo-analytics offering a great potential in strategizing and optimizing resources across the spectrum, let’s map future with maps!