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Mass Notification

Have you ever faced a time when you needed to reach out to your employees quickly and realised that it is difficult given the size of your business? Have you felt that only if the government or the local authorities could inform you faster than they do right now in case of a natural calamity and help reduce the loss of lives and/or of property? If yes, then there is a solution you should take a look at.

The idea of mass notification systems is not new but is a seldom used one. If you do not believe that, recall that one time when you heard about a situation when natural calamity struck and there were no casualties. If you have not been able to recall such scenarios, try imagining that scenario with a new variable called a mass notification system. If the concerned government had such a system, it would have been able to notify masses about the natural calamity they had to face and every precaution needed to be taken would have been taken much earlier. Imagine if you had Alert Media to circulate the information faster.

Alert Media is a take on the idea of mass notification. What it intends to do is to help you reach out to a large number of people through computers, tablets, smartphones and even iPods to ensure you get timely updates about anything and everything you should be knowing about, be it shifting of workforce from one plant to another, college authorities reaching out to students on new policies or authorities reaching out to citizens to inform them about an impending disaster and be prepared. However, it does not end there as Alert Media also keeps providing you with updates on the information it provided you earlier to help you in dealing with changing situations. It helps you prioritise information based on various levels of importance and let’s you reach to your target audience by any means, be it voice messages, text messages, email, social media, etc. Not just that, people can connect with each other using the same thread and discuss the issues real time.

Alert Media helps you in replacing old hardware which is bulky, requires maintenance and space and is slow in today’s time. As it is a cloud-based service, it helps you keep a track of all developments regarding a particular event on a real-time basis and help take necessary action as well. It does all this by keeping a track of your location and providing all such information to you by providing you local information. If you though internet messengers could achieve this trick better, Alert Media takes such a notion up a few notches. By using it, you can be sure of one important thing – none of your important messages go unnoticed by the people it is targeted at, making the communication effective and efficient at the same time, and effective and efficient is win-win for everyone.