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Merging PR With Marketing Makes An Unbeatable Program

How public relations and marketing can do wonders for your business

Marketing and public relations have always been two distinctive and separate departments within corporations.

While these two groups sometimes find themselves reaching out to the same public, each knows their own purpose and target goals.  

Marketing has traditionally been the division that serves the needs of the customers at a profit for the company.  

Public relations exist to build or transform the company’s identity, reputation, and brand so that the public does not hamper the company’s ability to make a profit. Marketing teams are immediate profit builders and money makers, while PR teams are long-term foundation builders to ensure stable and steady growth.

Both divisions are critical individually, but when fused together they become a large and unbeatable force.     

Combine Your Efforts To Build Relationships

Marketing and PR have a common interest, but because their approach is from opposite ends of the business plan, they are bound to disagree sometimes.  Sometimes a plan has to be controlled and decisions made about what is “right” and what is “right now”. The long-term goals of the position of the company sometimes take a back seat to turning a profit.  

Amazingly, the fusion of marketing and PR has brought some interesting facts to light.  Advertising was considered a marketing tool in the past. It was a means of reaching the public to make sales. PR stayed away from that type of media, thinking it was somehow unacceptable to use as a public relations avenue.  

However, several corporations bridged that gap and began strategically placing PR ads as a way to enlighten the public to overall goals of their companies. Mobil Oil is a perfect example of this fusion advertising. When America was anti-big oil companies in the 1980’s. Mobil began placing full page ads to explain pricing, safety, and their perspective to the public.  

The result was a PR hit that swayed the public to Mobil Oil and a marketing hit that boosted immediate sales and brought loyal consumers to their business. This is an example of the new communications of current business practice.

Integrated Communications

With the fusion of marketing and public relations, the old terminologies no longer seem to fit.  With both teams working separately and together to form and promote a brand, a new title is needed.  

Many corporations are doing away with the old titles and the old schools of thought and building a new team called Integrated communications. The new name puts everyone on the same board and allows the hand-me-down rivalries of the past to be put to rest.

The Integrated Communications team focuses on traditional advertising as well as the utilization of social media. They take every opportunity to boost sales while building the reputation and brand of the company. They have a perspective of taking care of business now, but in a way that will make us just as proud later.    

As computers and online advertising have replaced many of the print ads of yesteryear, the message remains the same. Only the way of communicating the message has changed.

Get loud, get busy, and get your combined message out there.

Remember, the rules of email marketing and email media list are going to apply. Be sure your subject stands out. It is important that your subject entices the reader to read further. Embed video. Video boost your engagement by 55%. Add images. Keep your text short and to the point.

Once you have a killer program and you expect the calls and emails to start pouring in – be ready!

Be prepared to respond immediately. In most cases, you only get one shot at a client. Not responding promptly and getting them the information they need will kill your program, no matter how good it is.