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Mobile Monetization and Content Personalization

Over the past few years, the software research and development industry has taken analysis of mobile consumer behaviour quite seriously. Indeed, R&D has reached fairly advanced levels in this area of problem solving as firms have acquired solid data for coping up with demands of intense commercial activity through cell phones.

Such R&D companies have developed impressive data mines based on internal customer attributes like gender, age, lifestyle patterns along with interests and preferences. Top companies use high-end technology and intense research to generate data mines about mobile consumer behaviour and everyday needs.

As these features introduce users to a sophisticated and utility based mobile culture, they contain several segments of carefully personalised programs. Armed with such highly personalized information, these are able to display impressive aspects of artificial intelligence while reaching out to every mobile user.

Solutions like Leanplum bring in several customer experience assets. One can identify numerous attributes related to a consumer in these products. Interestingly, these offer some attractive community features like Nested groups. LeanPlum advocates the concept of personalized content. It is a fascinating data management program that encodes data as per individual needs. For instance, variables, messages, resources, and interfaces are arranged according to each user’s profile and social needs. All this is possible because this program uses data generated from grouping reports (constructing a bar graph or histogram), by different attribute values. For example, it creates a histogram of average session length by number of friends / gender/ age/ user interests and uses consumer behaviour archives to make the product user friendly.

Predictably, multiple combinations offered in such products will be an advantage for the individuals and organizations. Personalized content offers an enhanced mobile app experience and avoids delivering unwanted spam messages. The goal is to provide a deep customer understanding, so brands can deliver value and delight users.