In the next five, maybe ten years, machine driven speech-to-text will surpass human transcription in both accuracy and speed, given the current pace of development. We’re not there yet, but we will be shortly.

Machine transcription is the most established cognition. Transcription has evolved into Natural Language Processing (NLP), adding contextual relevance and is expected to understand all languages, instantaneously, at 99% accuracy by 2025.

The limits of Siri and Alexa prove that machine learning is not the panacea for NLP. Tech companies will invest more in linguistic research to fill the gaps.

In the near future, business users will be able to interact with data through multiple channels using natural language. The insights on data will also be delivered in natural language through notifications, emails or chatbots.

Today’s NLS app is like a seasoned professional who knows their organization’s database inside-out. Tomorrow’s NLS app is the same thing, but with the wisdom and foresight of a CEO.