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Reaching out to customers differently

Increasing customer engagement and improving bottom line

A business always prefers that its revenues grow steeply, thus leaders must always know what the customers want and how they can be served better. In this article I would discuss a few business cases where your company would like to integrate automated text and voice solutions to work closely with your customers.

How many times does it happen that your business loses revenue because customers didn’t turn up? No shows not only result in loss of revenue and incur other costs such as administrative costs but most importantly you lose other potential customers who were turned away because you had no time slot available. So what can you do to reduce the no shows by customers? A gentle reminder by sending a text message or automated reminder call to the customer is a great solution to remind the customer about scheduled appointments.

Customer satisfaction surveys always help you improve your quality of service but customers don’t prefer filing long surveys. They also don’t prefer intrusive phone calls and answering feedback questions. A simple feedback through text messages or a missed call solution can easily help you connect and collect feedback from your customers.

As a product manager you would like to turn your dormant customers, active. But you need to know what new feature or service your customers would prefer. A simple text message based on market research survey can make your task easy and allow you to co-create products with your customers. This will not only allow you to introduce relevant products but also help you curate customer experiences according to cohorts.

However, can you make your market research questions very easy for the customer? A solution just like how Tinder has made dating as easy as a swipe. Can you make your market research survey like that? If yes, then text messages are a fantastic solution to help you connect with your customer in a non-intrusive and effective manner.

It’s not only about working closely with your customer, automated text and voice calls can help improve your bottom line by saving expensive call center costs.

Billion dollar companies such as Uber, Coca-Cola, Salesforce, Expedia, Alibaba are using automated text and voice solutions offered by Twilio or Nexmo. These voice and text solutions are simple to use and can be plugged into your business by integrating APIs and you are ready to work up close with your customers.

Automation of processes lay the foundation of scalable business models. Are you ready to leverage voice and text services to set your business up for the next leap?