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Latest Developments In Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Beyond continued technical improvements like enhanced controls, reporting insights and integrations, the biggest developments in RPA technology will be in the way that enterprises buy, implement and manage it.

Changes in process automation rarely occur quickly. That said, recent work in real time computer vision and AI are enabling diverse semi-structured and unstructured tasks ranging from depalletization, unstructured pick-and-place tasks and even real-time robotic fruit picking.

RPA Center of Excellences will start to become commonplace, particularly in organizations with mature shared service capability. Ultimately as Artificial Intelligence is adopted, the value of RPA is dependent on the quality of data to be ingested.

Robotic Process Automation is allowing businesses to take back office support and compliance work away from humans and move them into more creative, revenue driving work.

Over the next couple of quarters we will see glimpses of truly usable RPA for personal assistants. Something much more intelligent and helpful than Siri or Alexa but still rudimentary.