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Secure And Interconnected Smart Home

Smart Home Technologies will need to think about baking security into their systems, as hackers are increasingly seeing connected devices as a ‘weak link’ and easy way into a person’s network and stored data.

Smart Devices as standalone devices are virtually pointless. If one device cannot connect to multiple others it defeats its own purpose. In the next year smart devices will become more interconnected.

We are globally going to begin to harness Internet of Things as a whole. Currently our homes are full of internet connected devices, in 2017 we will merge the technologies and realise how they can better work together and in a smarter way.


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  1. Innovation in Home Automation will be achieved to the maximum level when companies realize that they need to work closely together in order to provide a complete experience. No company can ever provide state of the art experience in each product category. When different companies come together then security is as much of a concern as is privacy. Imagine a company which installed the smart lock system in your home. Now many employees from that company can have access to that data so ideally a lot of people know your everyday schedule i.e. when you come in & when you leave. Do I need to say more? So what is the optimum trade-off for us to determine ease vs security. Only time will tell!

  2. All devices connected by your smart phone – an app that allows you to control any electronic equipment in your home.
    Connected through internet. Even if being away from home, the home is secure as the information of break in will be shared by smart home to the the smart home.
    A leading AC selling company has already marketed such a device and selling it as their USP.

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