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Social Media Tools For Customer Service

Until we face a challenge, it is hard to find an opportunity and impossible to find a solution. While talking to a friend who is CEO of a new startup with a small customer base, I came to know that starting up has a lot of challenges. Marketing is one kind of challenge, boosting product sales is a different challenge. Another challenge after marketing and sales is customer service. Marketing and sales are responsible for getting new customers, but customer service is essential for maintaining a good relationship with the old customer and gaining the trust of customers.

Customer service is one of the most important tasks of a brand, and the customer service agent’s job is tough. The agent has to maintain the brand image as well as ensure a pleasant customer experience. There was a time when customers had to spend a lot of time in the maze of the IVR system and after winning the game, the customer had to wait in the queue to talk to customer service agent, and finally there was no guarantee of getting any resolution.

However, as the social media has grown over the past decade, opportunities for the brands to target customers has increased manifold. At the same time opportunities for the consumers to complain and share their views about the product has also grown a lot. There are multiple major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube and Linkedin, where the customers can share their views about the products they use. Apart from these social media platforms, there are many  third party consumer complaint websites where consumers can post their complaints., are just a few third party consumer complaint forums. These forums can be global as well as local, is an example of a global consumer forum and is local.

There are many challenges that brands face while tracking comments and complaints in these social media platforms and other third party websites. Either the brand hires social media agencies who work for them or they have their own social media teams to handle customer service. There are many social media tools in the market which can be used. 

Features of Social Media Customer Service Tools

The following is a list of  few features that every social media customer service tool should have in order to increase the productivity of the enterprise.

Conversation: It is important to monitor the conversation taking place about the brand and review how different people are expressing their opinions and suggestions about the product or the brand.

Inbox: One customer can post one comment multiple times and different comments in different places. It is critical to get all these comments in one inbox so that a consolidated reply can be sent.

Integration: Integration with other customer service tools is very important to streamline information.

Reporting: Especially where different agents work on different platforms. This can be used for measuring an  individual’s performance and also the complete team’s performance.

Volume: An agent can manage ten times more volume of interactions on this media as compared to more traditional methods

Some Social Media Tools For Customer Service

OneDirect is a product which helps your brand cover Facebook, Twitter, support emails and other third party websites. OneDirect uses machine learning for getting better results and understanding the sentiment of the customer’s statement. It can be accessed on the web browser of any mobile device. Direct messages get ticketed and go directly to the customer service team. Other posts and comments can be ticketed if the sentiment of the statement is negative. 

Freshdesk and Zendesk are used by many brands to capture mentions across Facebook, Twitter and support emails. If you want to capture negative mentions from third party websites, you have to add that feature. Freshdesk gives you the control to customize your dashboard with different colors. Freshdesk and Zendesk also provide mobile apps.

Simplify360 is another tool which helps brands to capture mentions across social media channels.

Sprout Social offers social media listening and customer engagement.

Salesforce Social Hub extends social listening, analysis, content marketing and engagements across the customer service platform.

There are many other players in this field.  Any enterprise can choose them as per their requirement and budget. Some of these tools include HappyFox, Hootsuite, SquareupTeam Support and Salesforce Desk.

These new-age customer engagement platforms are indeed growing fast. However, there are still many enterprises using old strategies for customer engagement as they are unaware of the power of these tools. Apart from enterprises, various government departments are also looking for such tools. Hopefully, we will see many innovations in these tools due to increased adoption and growing competition.


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  1. In this era of technology were active users on Facebook per month is 1.5 billion and 310 million on twitter, 500 million on Instagram. Companies are bound to use these platforms for there advantage, as mentioned in the article these platforms can be very powerful in engaging the customers and can connect to them. In this recent technology trends has brought companies very close towards its customers and made them very cautious regarding there opinions and reviews which will help them delivering better service to them.

    Social media can be used not only to be in touch with there customers but to increase there reach for new customers, and these platforms provide such options. With well planned advertising you can reach to new customers by using powerful sites like Linkedin for Business you can create brief portfolio of your company its values and how are you willing to provide these services in a better way. If you are an a startup company with not much budget to put on advertising, you are provided an fairer opportunity to address an audience on sites like Facebook and twitter for free. Social media tool will not be restricted to just analyzing the mood and interests of the customers but in near future it maybe possible to set up your business under one hood were you can connect and provide these services, Facebook is currently trying to implement this in there messenger application were customers can buy things online similar to Flipkart , Amazon etc by working with the local distributor. So i can say with confidence that social media plays a major roll to provide customer service.

  2. Now a days everything is centered through social media . facebook , google etc social media giants has taken the wide range of market for customer engagement . through social media tools you can keep track of the essential factor while promoting your brand i.e inboxing , reporting , keep track of conversation about your product etc .

  3. Customer service is essential factor to maintain customer’s trust. Today the as the use of social media has increased to an extent that most of people can be reched through it. So with the use of social medial their job has become so easy. The article is really good piece of work in explaining the role of social media tools in customer service.

  4. Brand advertising ,customer attraction, and maintenance is a deciding factor of our work. As social media is getting more and more reachable to people, this has been a bit easier for companies. Maintaining the social media is a key factor here. This article is very useful explaining the companies that provide these features. Cheers

  5. Dear Abhinav – Well Written. You have left glaring gaps left in the blog above. When it comes to social media it is much more than conversations …Most of the tools mentioned above can listen but how many can avoid Noise? How many of them can do Latent semantic analytics? can it listen from your desired choice of site? …Also, how can tool avert posts going viral with the help of moderators or remove dark posts…Social has become a very important channel and needs to be addressed in better way.

  6. Hey..
    This is really nice one. you have shared knowledgeable information with the help of this article.
    Waiting for the next….

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