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Talent Acquisition Technology: Tomorrow And Beyond

We are seeing a continued trend of niche recruiting solutions that focused on a certain type of hiring (ex. engineering recruiting), stage of the recruiting process (ex. background checks), or occupation (ex. attorney recruiting).

Tech platforms that help recruiters and hiring managers to cast a wide net on candidates, are going to have to become more industry specific. This “tribalization” will cut down the time and effort put into the hiring process.

Three trends to look for are new technologies around candidate experience, employee mobility and recruitment AI. As recruiting and businesses become more complex, companies will double down on how they hire the best.

Text moves at the speed of talent. Talent acquisition is following suit. If texting is good enough to meet your future spouse, why should talent be different?

Fuelled by the scale and speed in which we can now collect and analyze data, talent acquisition technology is undergoing a shift from “dumb” tech that can describe hiring outcomes to AI-powered tech that can predict hiring outcomes.

We are seeing more leveraging of AI – ranking candidates automatically with NLP (Natural Language Processing) and augmenting writing of job ads to alleviate unconscious bias.

Talent acquisition will become personalized and data-driven. Companies that use the right data and learn to accurately predict a hire’s success within their organizations will win the war for talent.

AI, crowd-solutions will lead the way for unbiased talent assessment based on merit and ability to foster creative thinking in an increasingly diverse talent pipeline.

There are problems, blind spots, and inefficiencies in recruiting that no human being can see. AI will bring them out of hiding.

Technology is changing the face of talent management and acquisition, and the real challenge is providing the right level of human support so that speed and ease lead to meaningful outcomes.

Talent Acquisition is being shaped by advancements in ATS which integrate recruitment pipelines with core HR systems, advertising platforms, AI-driven analytics, email and social media.