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Top Tech Trends For Content Marketing

Since no one can predict the future, it is unclear what types of technology breakthrough would take off. This is mostly with the way things are quickly evolving with time. For instance, there has been a time we have experienced when a particular dependable innovation fails, there emerges a modest success. With the rapidly growing rate of content marketing, there is much need that we put much emphasis on creating our content. If you choose to work with poor content marketing strategies such as spun content and auto-generated videos on your web page, you are prone to negative results. Your business, therefore, is most likely to fail for lack of proper measures. In recent times, there have been most successful brands that have taken advantage of the new tech marketing strategies. If asked, many have suggested that the new marketing strategies have, in many ways, contributed to significant results in their content marketing.

A good example would be a mobile phone, which has, with time, proven to be an excellent platform for easy content marketing. This has been confirmed by research as with, in the year 2015, where mobile phone, as a digital device, contributed much with people spending nearly 54% of their time surfing. This was in comparison to the PC usage that happens to range up to only 35% of the time. The best way, therefore, is to ensure that you use the best procedures such as including relevant and interesting content. This will not only increase motivation to the end user but also enable quick success. Social media is also another platform that has boosted content marketing. However, without proper strategies, the whole process is as good as failed. For exceptional achievements in your content management through social media, latest top tech trends, as discussed in this article, will help you.

Brand Content

There has been a positive momentum towards how brands have decided to put their content. This has been achieved due to thorough research and past interpretations. Unlike in the past, brands have gone an extra mile to ensure their content is more appealing and timeless to their clients. The production content has been divided into two parts. This makes it easier to manage content since each piece is done with different people. For instance, one section is controlled by brand consumers while the smallest part of the potion remains in-house. Such method of content management enables easy moving of brand content and co-created content from many to many, as opposed to the previous one to many or one to one ecosystem.

Massive Investment in Talent

Through the way social media has contributed profoundly to content marketing, many facilities have significantly embraced its use. With social media, it has been easier for such companies to increase their brand awareness and consumer engagement strategies. According to their opinions, they have, therefore, seen the importance of investing in social policy. Nonetheless, it can be a long process to only market your content on social media. This is because; promoting same materials on all platforms can lead to slower results. As with many companies, they have decided to hire professionals for better content promotion. For instance, with the services of an experienced promoter, it is easier to keep your audience interested and at the same time enable a continuous engagement throughout the channels. 

Additional Mobile-Ready Content

Nowadays, mobile phones have taken the most prominent part when it comes to internet surfing. According to sources, about 70% of the digital media minutes are as a result of the mobile phone. For instance, the recent Smartphone applications have been found to be the primary factor behind such engagements. Some of the apps that highly contribute in this case are the likes of Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. Facebook alone has had great responses than the others where it has been estimated to have had the most profound penetration to the audience. According to mobile app report, this has indicated that consumers depend mostly on social media and through their smartphones as opposed to other digital devices. For this reason, creating small screen fitting content can be the best option. This will include, ensuring that the content is made more straightforward and with other features such as adding few keypresses. With that in place, it would be easier for one to engage with the clients efficiently.

Smarter Smartphone

Recently, our Smartphones have become a big marketing vehicle. For this reason, we have been able to do more comprehensive mobile marketing. Another advantage of Smartphones is that they can be connected to various devices. This is as they continue becoming classy they are becoming more compatible. It is, therefore, a good platform for marketers to boost their revenues. For example, using conversion rate optimization (CRO) and SMR Digital tools and software such as Google and others is one method to achieve traffic flow. 

Including more affluent Forms of Contents and Videos

With no doubt, a rich content can instigate the most client engagement. As a digital marketer, this should be your priority to achieve successful content marketing. I am quite sure some of you are asking that what then a rich content is. To some people, it only means any content that facilitates user interaction. Well as opposed to that, rich content is any form of media that deviates from the standard text and static images engaging well with the end user. For instance, one can decide to turn a social poll that can enable secure interaction with consumers. As opposed to just using auto lay ads, such polls are best to weigh in your client’s opinions hence encouraging their interaction.

Leveraging User-Generated Content

A large number of consumers depend on friends for brand trust recommendations. Another group of practically the same range, however, believes on other online posted opinions. Indeed, the number is quite high as compared to the few consumers who depend on social networks. Consumers usually trust one another’s opinion and, therefore, it can be important if one considers leveraging user-generated content on their social channels. This can be achieved in numerous creative ways. For example, earlier on, some people have been reposting their clients Instagram photos as a way of marketing. This, among other methods, can be a good idea but in a competitive industry such as the current one, there is a need for one to put much effort. Consider applying other stronger methods such as finessing user generated-contents and ensure you organically and professionally weave it into social campaigns.

Replication of Momentary Content

As opposed to earlier, there has been a massive change in the way people have been approaching the content marketing engagements. Times, when marketers used to produce recyclable contents for engagements, have seemed to come to an end. As in the world of social media, various channels such as the Snapchat have incorporated such method. Due to its exclusive components, clients have, with time proven to love it. The main reason it has been a success is that the content usually is set to trend within a specific period hence leading to massive access. Research has it that, generation of a consistent stream of ephemeral content is a more natural way to keep consumers around and for a long time.

Automation and Precision of Artificial Intelligence

As a marketer, it is vital that you know your consumer’s value and preferences to reach them easily. With the various traditional ways of estimating public opinion, it can be sometimes be a barrier. The power of artificial intelligence, however, has played a significant role regarding these cases. For a brand to receive high returns, implementing this system is crucial. Various technology giants have already begun to apply it, and with this move, they have with time, received a refurbishment. This is because; it is through artificial intelligence that one can get more demographic and psychographic information. With this, marketers are, therefore, able to employ classy and programmed algorithms.

Voicing Your Needs

Numerous voice softwares can be a great tool to enhance content marketing. These softwares are designed in a way that they can answer questions, organize the schedule, and perform the vocal commands. With such digital voice assistants, consumers can quickly find solutions to their queries. This is a more convenient method of marketing as this software provides deep, personalized relationship hence increasing trust. Examples of such vice assistants are Siri, Alexa, and Cortana among others. Such devices are essential, therefore, for successful content marketing these days. This enables user/end-customers to learn more about a brand through a simple voice command.

New-Flix/Live Videos

Most marketers have decided to switch from content to video marketing. This is because, video messaging have, with time, become more popular and an efficient way of marketing. According to research, streaming video content slowly increased in popularity hence pulling much attention than it was with the earlier methods. Big brands have gradually graduated to live tour promotion of their products, and it has been a great achievement. Video marketing can, therefore, attract many customers as it can go up to 30 seconds hence providing full product details. This can be an excellent platform for a marketer who is looking for quick publicity.

The Impact of Influence

In traditional eras, the method applied included individuals (influencers) who were entrusted to spread the word via word of mouth. It was indeed helpful, but not as effective as can be expected today. With today’s rising competition, there is no doubt that this procedure would not work efficiently. Social media has instead come up with a new strategy whereby it has introduced, TapInfluence software. The software has contributed widely especially to the younger generations. As opposed to word of mouth, it has enabled easy brand product visibility. TapInfluence software has become more comfortable to use as it only requires one to target and tap into the authority of influencers in their position.

In summary, for companies to experience better marketing, there is a need that they start incorporating these trends into their strategic planning processes. Successful implementation of these trends enable right level of engagement between firms and their target market, leading to competitiveness.