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Technologies Disrupting Travel And Tourism

In terms of the future of travel tech, mobile technologies continue to present airlines with a huge opportunity to connect with their customers, and 52% of people have their preferred airline app on their phones.

Voice activation connected to meta search platforms that aggregate and incorporate a person’s habits, providing the cheapest and best travel solutions for users.

Whether it’s a few swipes on an app or typing out web queries on mobile responsive comparison websites, people want to benefit from the convenience of saved time and money in a matter of minutes or seconds.

The current online travel booking companies have huge margins. They ranked with Apple, Amazon and others as top performers of profitability last year. This will change; customers want to see less bloat and more value for themselves.

The newest wave of travel technology gets you connected to the best local travel experts, people who know the destination and can offer curated advice tailored to your needs.

The travel industry is being disrupted at am amazing pace. The market has pivoted due to the use of comparison websites and apps. It isn’t about who has the best fleet of cars or campers. It’s about who can give the customer what they want quickly and with the best value.

Business and leisure travel are merging. Remote work is becoming synonymous with just plain work. Today’s travel tech is making it possible to travel the world and accelerate your career.

Currently, virtual reality (VR) is increasingly gaining prominence in the travel space. It’s a very immersive way of not only giving people a sense of a place, but to help them plan out their trip. When VR will start becoming indistinguishable from reality, it might start cutting into actual travel bookings.