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Technology that makes air and space travel safer

Avionics are the electronic systems used on aircrafts, artificial satellites and spacecrafts. These include communications, navigation, display and management of multiple systems that are fitted on aircrafts to perform specific functions. If these functions can be tightly integrated to provide more real time analysis of flights, it’s certainly a step toward making the skies a safer place. Products such as CyberVille can possibly help here.

If the black box or the flight data recorder, an instrument used to investigate air accident, is lost during an air crash, investigating the causes of the crash can be difficult. However, if the same data is available on the real time basis then it will bring a different perspective to crash investigation. Since the black box is a physical entity, it can be severely damaged during the crash and extracting information can be a difficult task. However, real time data can be used to identify the trend in air accidents and safety measures can be taken to avoid those.

Space shuttle programs can also benefit ensuring safer landing and launch of space shuttles. The space shuttle landing/launch have different phases and each phase can be monitored through such type of products and predictive analysis can be done of the situation and even the structural damages can be analyzed by using certain devices that can check damages to shuttle structures.

All shuttle and launch related data can be analyzed on the real time basis and failures and delays in the mission (launch of space shuttle) can be avoided by using predictive analysis. Through this we can have more space missions closer to expected space missions, with a high level of security for the astronauts.

The recorded data can be sent back to such systems for gathering, reporting and analysis. There are different technologies being developed to transfer data from space to earth, like laser technologies which can transmit data to longer distances. Sending a selfie from space to the earth might soon be a reality.